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Values, Ethos and Rights

We share with parents the following Core Values and strive to gain an agreed

understanding of what these mean:


Kindness, Respect, Honesty, Commitment, Cooperation, Responsibility


Over the academic year, we take a value each half-term and work with pupils, parents and governors to raise awareness and share our thinking and beliefs.


We consider each of our school based values in relation to 3 elements: Self, Others and Environment.


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In 2014-15 the children of Mill Lodge voted on the rights they felt were important to uphold at our school.


We have;

· The right to play

· The right to be safe

· The right to be healthy

· The right to enjoy friendships

· The right to learn

· The right to our own beliefs


Mission Statement


Mill Lodge is a kind and safe school where every individual commits to achieve their full potential and is a valued and respected member of our community.





Mill Lodge is a school where:

  • Everyone learns
  • Everyone is safe
  • Everyone does their best
  • Everyone belongs
  • Everyone cares