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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Headteacher:                                        Mrs J Challender

Deputy Headteacher:                          Miss K Pope

Inclusion/SENCO:                                 Miss E Ryan (on maternity leave)       

Finance Manager:                                Mrs J Price

Office Manager:                                   Mrs H Smith

Administration staff:                           Mrs C Moreau-Smith

Site Manager:                                       Mr C Blythe


Pastoral Support:                                 Miss Annette Jones


PPA Cover:                                             Mrs V Woodman


Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) - Mrs J Lockley (EYFS lead)


       FS Teachers-   Mrs J Lockley, Mrs A Chappell, Miss S Hodson

       Teachings Assistants- Mrs Y Manning, Miss N Lewis, Mr J Blythe



Mrs E Rodas-Cross

Miss M Manning

Miss R Oakley

Mr S McCarthy

Mr R Jervis

Miss A Duffield


Teaching Assistants- 

Mrs L Cannon

Mrs D Charles

Mrs D Bunce-Burke

Miss J Davenport

Mrs S Downs

Mrs D Millbanks


Individual pupil support staff:

Mr P McDonald

Mrs R Mistry

Mrs E Trilloe

Mrs S Adrees


Mealtime supervisor assistants

Mrs J Ballinger (lead)

Miss K Benjamin, Miss K Ford, Mrs L Gozra, Miss J McDonnell, Ms P Cheung, Ms M Tancred  


Kitchen Staff:

Miss R Hemmings

Mrs S Simons